21 ‘New Economy’ Passive Income Strategies…


***The Financial Freedom Seminar***
21 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep!
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At this BRAND-NEW seminar, Mark Anastasi will spend 3 days sharing his 21 passive income strategies, and much, much more!

Attend this one-off event and discover…

* 21 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep!

* 5 Ways To Get 5,000 Subscribers In 30 Days Or Less!

* How To Make £30,000 in 3 hours from a database of 300 people!

* How To Make £35,000 in 3 days thanks to DIRECT MAIL!

* How I Turned $952 Into $36,000 In 7 Days Thanks To Facebook Ads!

* The 21 Millionaire Secrets That Will Change Your Life!

* How To Make $90,000 in 5 minutes thanks to Licensing!

* How To Make $300,000 in 30 Days Thanks to Clickbank!

* How To Make $200,000 in 90 minutes Thanks to a Webinar!

* How To Make $2.4 Million Dollars In 4 Months Thanks To ‘JV’ Webinars!

* How To Go From Zero To $10,000/month In Passive Income in 28 Days!

* How To Manifest MILLIONS Thanks To The Law of Attraction!

…and much, much more!

Mark will also share some of the ‘guerrilla’ business growth strategies that allowed him to go from zero to over $7 million in sales, including:

* Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You’ll Never Learn At Business School!

* 7 Ways To Double Or Triple Your Sales This Year!

* 31 Ways To Promote And Distribute Your Product Or Service

* How To Maximize Your Leverage To Get The Most Out Of Your Business

* How To Copy Successful Business Formulas, Avoid Years of Failure, and Guarantee Your Business Success

* Entrepreneur Productivity Secrets: How To Accomplish More In A Few Months Than Many People Accomplish In A Lifetime!

* How To Profit From The Top 5 Emerging Economic Trends Today!

* The 3 Secrets To Getting Really Rich In Business

…and much, much more!

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