Advertising Opportunities

Are you looking into getting more exposure for your online presence? Look no further, you can have your business listed in our website. The 125 x 125 button advertising that we are currently accepting will be displayed in the sidebar of every page on our website . Please follow the instructions below to get started. All advertisements are placed immediately after payment. Payments processed through PayPal.

Small Square Ads


125 x 125 pixels ad units,

4 placements, max. 24 sponsors.

Ads are placed and rotated randomly.


$30.00 Month to Month   BONUS +5 EXTRA DAYS*

Get $30 off      $25.00 @ 6 Months = $150.00   BONUS + 10 EXTRA DAYS*

Get $121.12 off      $19.99 @ 12 months = $238.88   BONUS + 15 EXTRA DAYS*

our visitors can be seeing your ads and with no contract or commitments.

Attention Bloggers

Interested in blogging with us? Great we do have a place for you aswell, if you would like to blog about one of the topics with no links, no product mentions and no strings attached, then contact us, and we can set you up as a guest blogger.

*No Links out, no product mentions, no link backs, no mention of anyone or anything outside of our site. Otherwise we consider it to be an advertisement.

Contact us for advertising purposes.

Well Lets get started!

To pay for this ad, please click the PayPal button below. Select from the drop down how long you would like your ads to run for.

Length of Subscription

Charges will appear as “HOT ROD ENT”

Please note after purchase we will need the following:

Website Name, Website URL and Ad Image URL 


*1. Bonus expires on 3/1/2018.

*2. For the entire month of February get up to 15 extra days added to your subscription as a bonus.

*3. Applies to new signups only .