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25 Doors To Making A -6- Figure Income For Your Own Business
Quick Tour

Allow about an hour for this training so turn off TV / radio – pause video – take notes

-2- ways to build your Own business #1. Fast – Large Advertising Budget – #2. No advertising budget “Slow but Steady” – what I’m going to teach you today!
All the training and tools you need to building a your Own money machine
Facebook Marketing – What You Need To Make It Work For Your Own Business

Money Making Opportunities

Big Ticket Programs – the only way to make a -6- figure income
Marketing Programs that PAY YOU when a prospect joins – Lead Jumper perfect – make $150 – I sell on average 5 a day and you can do the same
Your Own business opportunities

Powerful Duplicate Marketing Platform For Your Own Business
The $10 Sizzle Call Marketing System is perfect

Facebook Marketing – Just one of several marketing techniques to make a -6- figure income with your Own business

Create multiple accounts – Facebook jail and ??

Join FB Groups 25,000 members and larger

Short to the point script with a link to your LEAD CAPTURE PAGE that pays you
A very colorful LARGE IMAGE that offers a “CALL TO ACTION” for your Own business

An “ALL IN ONE” Funnel System that has a simple Lead Capture Page – Name & Email – Lead Jumper is perfect – you make $150!

The $10 Sizzle Call Landing Page with your Own Biz Opportunities on the page
The Marketing Concept & Technique To Generate MEGA LEADS from Facebook for your Own business


Never try to sell something – you’re preaching to the choir – they want YOU to join theirs

Offer a solution to those thousands – hundreds of thousands struggling to build their business

Offer FREE or Low Cost tools to help them build their business – right click and SAVE IMAGE to a file on your desktop and/or click on an image to find more pics you can copy for posting to Facebook Groups…

The Money Is In The List – The List Is All That Matters

Build a relationship first then introduce that new lead/prospect/partner to your Own business offer

Make extra money by offering marketing tools that pay YOU when that lead joins – Lead Jumper is perfect – You make $150

Facebook Posting Techniques for your Own business

Post to no more than 20 – 30 groups in an hours time – easy tiger not to fast!
Post throughout the day – if unable to sit behind computer buy an auto poster

Early mornings – late afternoon – mid day – late night and weekends are not the best time to post

Always reply to Comments and Likes – pushes post to top and creates a possible discussion others can join

Create Your Own Facebook GROUPS That Offer Discussion & Interaction

Niche groups with power keywords related to other biz opportunities

Niche groups with power keywords related affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate Marketing Niche Groups Ideas – Health & Beauty – Celebrity Discussions – Technology – Pets Dogs & Cats – Sports

Never allow general postings – POSTING MUST BE RELATED TO THE NICHE

-2- A Day Keeps The Bill Collector Away marketing your Own business

I build -2- Facebook Niche Groups – “A DAY” – Branding ME – Harvey The Silver Fox – I’ve been doing it for years

75% of my QUALITY PROSPECTS come from my VIDEOS. I have learned how to DOMINATE an entire select Google Video Search for any BRICK AND MORTAR business PUSHING the competition’s videos to the 2nd and 3rd pages. I’m paying a $100 – $200 referral fee for those Silver Fox Members & Students who refer clients my way!

After a year you will have over 325 – 350 permanent Real Estate locations with – Blogs – Videos & Facebook Groups – working for you 24/7

Prospects chase me – I never chase them

Using this marketing technique I have built my list to thousands and enjoy a nice -6- figure income

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