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We often think that prosperity is something that will happen to us someday, in some elusive future when we finally “make it” as entrepreneurs. When we finally have that big launch or one big win. Not now, not yet, but someday.

But what if prosperity is something that we can actually claim in the present moment? What if we could have it this very second but just don’t realize we have the power?

What I’ve learned over the years as an entrepreneur is that every single day I have the opportunity to live in a prosperity mindset instead of a scarcity mindset. It’s a constant choice, one that continually asks me to rise to the occasion. 

We have to remember that money is an imaginary system, created in the minds of humans. We can play with and manipulate the game the same way we created it — in our minds.

You actually have the power to practice prosperity on a daily basis! Here are seven ways to do it.

1. Count and track your money.

It’s always surprising how many entrepreneurs don’t pay attention to their money or track their income. I often hear, “I just want to make so much money that I don’t have to worry about it.” That is not the way to the head of the class. If you want to feel prosperous, you must surround yourself with your money and enjoy the process of counting it, organizing it and seeing it grow.

Make a game out of it! You can even do something fun like ring a bell every time you make a sale, this will send endorphin signals to your brain, and make you look forward to the process of making sales and not just the result. Learn to love bookkeeping and tracking and you will surely experience the pleasure of prosperity.

2. Take yourself out on the town.

I recently met a fellow entrepreneur named Jolie Dawn; she is the founder of Prosperity Possy which helps women align to “prosperity consciousness” so they can build businesses that support their lives and dreams.

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She has all of her students schedule weekly Prosperity Dates, by doing things like co-working from a swanky hotel, reading a book at a posh coffee shop downtown, strolling through high-end art galleries, or trying on 4-figure outfits from fancy department stores.

She tells her students, “Every single time you allow yourself to have the experience of prosperity, you are claiming your natural birthright to prosper. It’s a daily choice to receive the beauty and abundance that is all around. It is up to us to make that conscious choice and to break out of unconscious poverty habits. A permanent shift depends on you claiming what is naturally yours to have.”

This is something you can consciously do every day, even in mundane errands. Next time you’re at Whole Foods, take a moment to stop, breathe and realize that if you’re even in that store, you’re in the top 1 percent of the wealthiest people on the planet. Receive that. Own that.

3. Celebrate other people’s money success.

One of the ways we unconsciously block ourselves from feeling prosperous is when we judge other people for having more than we do. Next time you see an oceanfront mansion, instead of thinking to yourself “Jeez, must be nice,” say “Wow, how amazing that whoever owns that created that for themselves. What a beautiful example of prosperity and abundance.”

Celebrating others opens up the same possibilities for yourself.

4. Swap out debt for the phrase past expenditures.

Millions of Americans suffer overwhelming pressure to pay off debt. What they don’t realize is that using the word “debt” in our language actually keeps us stuck in a poverty mentality. It’s easy to judge ourselves, and stay stuck in the cycle.

We all know language is powerful, so we must use it consciously. Cory Michelle, a facilitator of Access Consciousness, teaches a class called “Becoming Money,” and it’s all about understanding the energetics of money to truly free yourself from the judgements that keep you stuck.

Michelle says that if we say “past expenditures” instead of “debt,” we can become grateful for the credit card debt that may have gotten us through a sticky situation, allowing us to pay it back with gratitude, instead of begrudgingly.

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Using this language helps us gain power over our financial mindset instead of being a victim to debt, as though it is something that just happened to us.

5. Celebrate every single dollar that comes your way.

Gratitude changes things, when we appreciate what we already have, it makes us open to receive more of it.

It’s up to you to build a daily ritual to experience gratitude and appreciation for money. Maybe you do a morning meditation, maybe you use the drive to the office to feel it, maybe you just simply open your wallet and take a deep breath when you see your cash. Whatever it is, do it often and turn up the feeling in your body.

6. Starting conversations about prosperity.

We’ve all heard the saying “we teach what we most need to learn,” and this is definitely true for money! If you are trying to really feel abundant, then make that be a frequent conversation topic of yours. The more time and energy you give to something, the more success you will see.

7. Be generous with your money.

Giving freely will allow you to truly feel prosperous. Take a moment to leave flowers for a random car in the parking lot, pay for Starbucks for the person behind you, leave a big tip for a waiter. Whatever you decide to do, do it because you know more is coming, because you know yourself to be a limitless creator, and do it because you want to share prosperity with others.

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There you have it, seven ways that you can feel prosperous right now and practice it on a daily basis. Remember, it’s up to you to determine how you want to feel and how much you want to create in your life. Words hold power and your mindset is extremely important to how you view what others may have that you don’t. Keep yourself seeing from the prosperity viewpoint.

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