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Marketing coach Dean Holland was making money, but from the wrong customers.

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Dean Holland was a successful internet marketing coach making hundreds of thousands a month, but something was missing. In this interview, he tells Emily Richett how product-first thinking resulted in financial success but the wrong customer base.

“I first started my business chasing financial success, I thought that was all it was about. I achieved it, but I ended up unmotivated and uninspired. I realized that I had built my business in a way where I ended up attracting a lot of the wrong customers.”

At Funnel Hacking Live, Clickfunnels annual business conference, Holland shared how he turned around his business and rediscovered his passion. Through business funnels and customer-first thinking, Holland was able to find the right customers. 

“By asking who do I want to serve and why, then working my way back to the initial offering, I was able to create the ideal package and find people that I could truly serve in the way that I wanted.”

Another method Holland used to revamp his business is what he calls the most underlooked tool: the “Thank You for Ordering” page. Holland reassessed his online process and chose to leverage the message customers receive after placing their order to tell them more about the services and opportunities available with his company. 

“When someone first becomes a customer, that’s when we have their peak interest and engagement. We looked at how can we serve them immediately while we have most of their attention. Offer the next thing immediately because 100 percent of people are going to see that page.” 

Watch the interview to hear more about Holland’s business funneling and strategies for acquiring the right customers to your business.

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