How to Use YouTube End Screens, Annotations and Cards in You…


In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Michelle Held discusses how to use YouTube end screens, annotations and cards to drive traffic

From gaining subscribers to selling online to getting users to watch other videos — there are a number of ways each of these three YouTube resources can help drive engagement and grow your brand. 

Although it’s important to understand your audience, weigh your options and decide which is best to use for your videos. 

Held recommends to always use a card,which is the information box that appears in the righthand corner of your video. Cards are viewable on mobile and desktop, and are great branding tools. 

Annotations and end screens cannot exist together — you must choose one or the other. To Held, annotations are more prominent as they can occur anywhere in the video, while end screens can only pop up in the last 20 seconds of a video. To decide which is best for your video, go into your Twitter analytics and check out the time reports to see if people are watching your videos until the very end. 

To learn more about these tools, click play. 

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