Miss Playing Snake? The Nokia 3310 Is Back….


If you’re nostalgic for a simpler, notification-free mobile phone era, have we got news for you.

At the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, HMD Global Oy, the Finnish manufacturer that holds the rights to the Nokia brand, reportedly will unveil four phones — including a revamp of the beloved Nokia 3310.

Nokia originally launched the phone in 2000 and discontinued the model in 2005. During that time, it sold 126 million units and was the top-selling phone in the world. The first iPhone would arrive on the scene two years later, forever transforming the mobile market.

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The 3310 was known for having a super long battery life and sturdy structural design — and the popular “Snake” game. The forthcoming version reportedly will retail for about €59 ($62.47).

It seems that people are pretty excited about the 3310’s resurrection — at least those who don’t already have one in a drawer somewhere.

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