MLM in the Philippines – Top 8 Ways to Create Passive Income…
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MLM in the Philippines – Top 8 Ways to Create Passive Income

Buy YOU, For YOU…Take it to be Healthy, Share your Story, Build your Matrix and…”Cha-Ching” the sounds of your Commission. Now your monthly health care will be FREE! PLUS you have the chance to reach your Big DREAMS!

1. Get paid down 12 compressed levels in the Matrix Bonus

2. Get paid 20% in the Matrix Match Bonus (an additional bonus on first two personally enrolled IBOs’ matrix earnings).

3. Coded Bonus: Get paid 10% of the CV beginning with your third personally enrolled IBO and each one you personally enroll thereafter, and their first two, and their first two and so on Infinity Wide and Infinity Deep.

4. Coded Match Bonus: Get paid a percentage of the Coded Bonus earnings when those coded to you (beginning with third personally enrolled) earn the Coded Bonus. Get paid 15% on your first generation Coded Match, 10% on your second generation Coded Match, 10% on your third generation Coded Match, 10% on your fourth generation Coded Match and 5% on your fifth generation Coded Match.

5. Leadership Bonus: Earn an extra 5% from your team’s total volume when you reach 20,000 CV in Team Generation Volume in a given month.

6. Leadership Match Bonus: Once any one of your legs reaches 20,000 CV or more, that generation leg breaks away. When your first generation leg breaks away at 20,000 CV, receive a 100% match on the Leadership Bonus (5%) earned from your second highest generational leg volume. Leadership Bonus &

7. Leadership Bonus Match combined on the second generational leg cannot exceed $1,000.00.

8. Global Pool Bonus: Once two generational legs reach over 20,000 CV in a month, earn two shares in the Global Pool. Must maintain 70 CV personal volume. Any subsequent leg breaks that away with 20,000 CV will earn another share in the Global Pool.

Cool Extra Income, Right! We are not saying that we should QUIT OR LEAVE OUR JOB, but we can add this business doing part time with the same commitment as our current job. Do the Business even part time but with all your heart, you will be surprised that eventually your income from‪ Laminine‬ will surpass your income from your current job!

Now, What is Your Plan?
Kung ang desire mo ay magkaroon ng:

Healthy Lifestyle – to bring more years to your life.

Time Freedom – for your family, friends, sports, vacation and travel.

Financial Freedom – to achieve your big dreams for your family and to help others.

Go for it, grab the opportunity now!

Click this and you will be redirected to the website where you can fill up the form, just follow the instruction bellow and submit.

Select your primary country of residence

1. Select your desired package according to your budget, scroll down and click next

2. Fill up the form with your detailed information, then click next

3. Review and submit

The product will deliver to you door-to-door within 3 to 5 working days depends upon your location. With 30 days money back guarantee.

More info visit me here

You may send text message or call to these numbers 0926-695-5525 or 0920-507-8993. Take note, I am accepting only two business partners per week. If I cannot attend to your text message or call as soon as possible. I am afraid to say sorry, maybe I am in the meeting with my Business Partners. But rest assured if I am free I’ll call you back.


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