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Is there a real demand for all the online marketing tools and software that we see in the market place today? There’s good argument for both no and yes.

But ultimately if people are buying every tool and software that comes out then I guess we have our verdict right? Well, not so fast…

Those of us who have stood the test of time online know that most of these tools and software are no where close to a necessity when it comes to making money online because we’ve made lots of money without them.

The hyped up sales pages promoting these tools are really tailored specifically to the newbies who don’t understand yet that shortcuts to long term success online don’t lie in tools and software. Huge bummer, I know!

As you can see I am biased towards them and you’re probably asking why? Well as I mentioned earlier I’ve managed to stand the test of time without them and even have my own coaching program.

Secondly I’ve been burned before, particularly as a newbie, thinking some magic push button software can make me rich.

My advice is this. If you are truly looking to brand yourself then focus on producing quality content that people will appreciate not high quantities of garbage that tools and software help share.

Below are some “types” of tools that you should stay away from!
Beware of these online marketing tools and software…

Content scrapers – these software basically steal content from other websites and of course the newbies often times fall for it and put the duplicate content on their websites.

Not only do the search engines pick up on it but there is software out there to alert the original offer that some has stolen their content.

Email scrapers – similar to content scrapers, these tools basically steal emails from websites and allow the users to blast out unwarranted emails to the recipients.

This is a huge violation of privacy and not the best way to build a list. Every got a random email from someone trying to sell you something. Chances are they used one of these.

SEO backlinking tools – These tools single handedly wiped out entire websites when Google’s Panda algorithm came into play. This SEO algorithm lowered the rank of “low quality” sites that manipulate the number of links pointing to the page. Focus on creating organic backlinks from websites relative to your content.

Keyword ranking tools – When I mention these kinds of tools I mean the ones that you have to pay for. Seriously, if you want to get a feel for which keywords to target then use free tools like Google keyword planner and Google trends to get a sense of the search volume and trending keywords or phrases respectively. Don’t pay for this stuff.

These are just few but the list can go on for days and if you run into any that are in question feel free to contact me and I’ll try and give an unbiased opinion…

The strategies that work best today particularly for newbies are actually quite simple. Yes they requiretools but none that drain your pockets or guarantee you success.

In fact, nothing can guarantee you success other than your will and drive to do so. That is it!

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