Passive Income Ideas 2017 – Start An Esports Business…

Passive Income Ideas 2017 – Start An Esports Business
Learn how to make a passive income with Esports.
This is one way of reaching financial freedom. This is for people who want to build a business and don’t want to keep trading their time for money. With a passive income you can break free and let money work for you instead of you working for money.

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One of the products of Lifestyle Galaxy is Challenge Dragon. Every value club member (people who baught a skilldragon license) is a league owner. Challenge Dragon ragon is a Revenue Sharing eSports Game System.
Join the eSports Revolution, and find out how you can Get PAID to Play Mobile Games on your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet.

The concept is simple. Two or more people compete in a skill based digital game across the Internet. The idea has been around as long as the Internet, but recently the eSports phenomenon has exploded into the big leagues.

It is estimated that revenue from head to head individual and team competitions will exceed 9.1 Billion U.S. Dollars annually by 2017. That equals the highest paid sports league in the world today, the America’s National Football League.

Skill Dragon Entertainment, Inc. is dedicated to capturing a large share of this exploding industry. Focusing currently on systems such as Challenge Dragon, they bring intense, short, online skill games into tournaments and challenges that anyone can learn to win.

Their goals are to create a massive number of tournaments that does not favor a gender, or physical build or age. Anyone can be a Challenge Dragon Champion! It is anticipated that Challenge Dragon will create more professional eSports players than any other existing eSport.

Challenge Dragon allows “the rest of us” to use our skills to win prize money by defeating our opponents in tournaments and challenges.

Challenge Dragon is the premier real-time multiplayer platform for Skill Based Mobile and Web games. Challenge Dragon enables the masses to compete in tournaments for cash prizes inside 100% Skill based games.

Challenge Dragon only offers cash competition tournaments in games that are provably Skill-based, and much like chess tournaments, golf tournaments, bowling tournaments or marathon, Challenge Dragon’s tournaments are legal in most countries around the world.

The players:

1. Pay a tournament fee
2. Compete against each other in a 100% Skill based game
3. The winner receives the winnings from the 100% Skill based tournament

From marathons to golf tournaments, cash competition tournaments have a long and celebrated cultural history, which Challenge Dragon extends to web and mobile skill based games. Challenge Dragon allows players to compete for more than bragging rights by adding cash competition tournaments to skill-based web and mobile games. Challenge Dragon makes fair and meaningful competition accessible to everyone, giving mobile players the recognition they deserve.

Anyone can play Challenge Dragon tournaments for virtual currency, but only players who are 18 years or older can enter cash competition tournaments.

Everytime your players play a game, you earn cash. Every time players in your team play for money, you earn commission. The only thing you have to do is refer players and grow your league!

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Compensation plan (Value club):

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