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Warby Parker is a brand that loves books. It’s evident in the eyewear company’s retail stores, which are decorated with volumes of classic literature and library-inspired ladders and shelves. It’s evident in the brand’s name, which was inspired by two characters from Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums. And it’s evident in the company’s Manhattan headquarters, which prominently features a massive staircase lined with books that are available for employees to “check out.” Or, if they simply need some in-office quiet time, there’s a secret room behind the staircase that contains nothing more than a chair and, of course, a bookshelf. And if they forgot their reading glasses, well, the office has that covered, too. 

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Albert Vuoso

Customer Experience Team Lead

“Despite the success of this company, everybody is still extremely down-to-earth. I mean, our CEOs come to work every day. They’re hanging out in the kitchen, eating snacks and walking around. Every single person from the top to the very beginning level has a humble personality.”

Bo Zhao

Eyewear Designer

“I love that I can design something and a year later, it goes to market. I can say, ‘See, this is my design.’ Usually at a company like this, it’s not easy to get your personal designs out there. But at Warby Parker, people really care what you’re thinking and take your designs seriously. It’s really motivating.”

Eva Heiberg

Merchandising Manager

“There’s a really big focus on making an impact on the community here. We’re constantly doing great community service activities and outings. It’s really fun to just go out with your team but also get involved with the community. It’s one of my favorite perks of working here.”

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Jacky Thomas

Accounts Payable Supervisor

“I can speak to anyone in the company. At other places I’ve worked, I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. But even with my manager, I can just go to her — I don’t necessarily have to send an email [requesting a meeting]. You always know you are going to be listened to.”

Carlo Ang

Video Content Creative Manager

“There are a ton of personal relationships that have been created here. People have gotten married. I’ve definitely made lifelong friends, and I know that almost everyone here would say the same. It’s an amazing place to meet people.”

Kathleen Maloney

Optometry Liaison and Research Specialist

“My only focus as a clinician in our stores is to deliver the best care I can to my patients. I don’t feel pressure to recommend products to my patients — I just get to do my job. Now I spend a little more time at our headquarters, helping out with research and any project that needs clinical input. I never would have been exposed to that if I was working with a team of only optometrists.”

Noella D’Sa

Senior Software Engineer

“The tech lounge is a little lobby area within the tech section of the company, with sofas and lounge chairs. If you sit there and work, you inevitably have interesting conversations with other engineers. So that’s my spot.”

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Andrew Jaico

Technical Product Manager

“We’re always investigating and creating new and innovative ideas and prototypes. That works best when you feel like you can bring yourself to work — all of yourself, and all of your ideas. Everyone feels like they can do that here without fear of judgment. That’s incredibly valuable.”

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