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There is no shortage of money, but if you’re ever going to make big money, you need to get your head right about money. People are being sent out into the marketplace to sell when they are not even mentally ready to collect money. Most people in the world believe there is a money shortage. The truth is there is more than enough money to go around for everyone. You don’t need to “make” money, you just need to “get connected” with it.

Get your head fixed and you will see money everywhere. Nobody is going to give money to you — go and get your share! If you’re not getting your share of money, it’s because you’re thinking in terms of hard work and limits, not abundance. How many buckets of water can you take from the ocean? You can take as many as you want and nobody is going to know anything happened. Why? Because there is plenty of ocean.

Same thing with money.

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Look at how much money is in the marketplace. How much money is in real estate, cars, phones, clothing, food and fuel alone? Don’t worry, if the world starts to run out of money it will just print some more, or it will switch to crypto. Money is more of a mental issue than it is a shortage issue.

Once you get past the false “shortage” issue, you must understand you’re in the people business, not the “X” business. The weakness of all salespeople starts with people. The manufacturer thinks if the salespeople understood the product better — the features and benefits — they’d sell more of it.

While you need to know the products, don’t forget that people buy products. You want to know about people first. It is vital salespeople know people first, products second. I’ve known salespeople who knew every in and out of a product but couldn’t close. They were product experts, not people experts.

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Even if you’re selling over the internet you still have to know people. Selling is 80 percent people, 20 percent product. The reality is people buy inferior products every minute of every day. Why? Because people buy for other reasons besides the benefits and features of products.

A person stops by a convenience store and buys milk — is that the best milk they can get for their money? No, they are buying the convenience to get milk as fast as possible and get back home.

I used to gas up my car at a station a little further from my house than another station because this gas station gave me better service — the guy would clean my windows. I didn’t stop there because the gas was somehow better. That owner understood he was in the people business.

Knowing you’re in the people business, to get your buyer’s money you need to become the most interesting person in the world. You may not be the most interesting person, but you are the person you are most interested in. People are far more interested in themselves, their family and doing the right thing than they are in having another product.

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How much interest do you show in your customers? How much interest do you show in the customer’s interests?

Be more interested in your customer than you are in yourself. If it’s genuine you’ll make more sales. Finding out what’s important to people will require you to ask questions. What do they find value in? It’s better to blow a deal because you force the communication than to never have asked.

If you’re interested in becoming the most interesting person in the world and communicating with your customers to close down deals, then I created Cardone University for you.

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