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Congrats! You’ve completed The Goal Standard’s third week, the first Fight Stage. Things got tough this week. You might have struggled to stay productive. It might have been difficult to keep motivated or maintain the energy you need to do everything you planned for yourself. You might have heard yourself making excuses and even complaining.

Fortunately, we had plenty of top-notch experts, worksheets, support and resources to help you persevere. The key to success this week? The power of mindset.

What we learned:

It’s possible to be too positive. Optimism is powerful — but so is preparation. In a live chat, Todd Herman explained that too much positivity can actually derail your goals. To that end, he shared three essential questions everyone should ask themselves to stay truly grounded. Watch here.

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Focus on what you can control. We control just two things: our effort and our mindset. To maximize both, productivity expert Chris Winfield shared simple ways we can shift our mindsets designed around the three common obstacles that stand in the way of most goals. Watch here.

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Change your story. When you tell yourself “I can’t focus” or “I’m too busy?,” you’re really just resisting the change you said you wanted to make in your life. Instead, consider telling yourself something constructive, such as “I’m determined” or “I always find the time,” and see how your results change. Accountability pro Ali Schiller shared these tips — and the importance of an Emergency Response Plan — in her weekly Facebook Live. Watch here.

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What to do now:

It’s time to think about the week. What went right? What went wrong? Author and entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil shared ways to review the week to uncover patterns. Watch here.  

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