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Reaching your closest community is easier than you think.

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With the unique and boundless potential of social media marketing, it can be easy to forget the power of your local community. In order to reach this smaller, more regional circle, Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman recommends a few steps.

Try out filming live videos. These direct feeds to your business can offer value to a digital audience but also have the potential to reach your local community. If these videos are passed on to community leaders, the potential benefits can be astounding. 

Facebook groups are always a helpful way to connect with people more deeply. Posting photos and helpful information are often some of the simple steps you can take to kickstart your group.

If you’d rather try out a tactic that is even more community-focused, try collaborating with other businesses. Maybe you are a theater that would like to link up with a local restaurant to create a discounted offer, or create a special package deal for a night out. The options are limitless with these resources and can only serve your business well.

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