5 Steps to Starting Your Business From a Guy With 5 Exits…


As a serial entrepreneur who’s achieved an impressive five exits, you might think social networking pioneer Andrew Weinreich would have a lot to say about how to build and sell a business. But in fact, on a particularly sunny day in Hoboken, NJ at the Propelify Innovation Festival, he shared that he’s totally fascinated with the other end of the entrepreneurial spectrum. That is, why do people even start a business to begin with? “It’s a much more interesting question,” Weinreich says.

“I’ve never met a smart person who didn’t have a great, disruptive idea,” he says. Yet so few of them actually start a business. What separates the entrepreneur from everyone else? Weinreich attributes it to nothing more than this: their ability to create motion where others can’t. There are five things, Weinreich goes on to explain, that are key for creating motion when starting your business.

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