A Beer Expert Picked Brews for Your Favorite Business Leaders

A Beer Expert Picked Brews for Your Favorite Business Leaders


OK, we’ll admit it, we’re a little giddy with anticipation for a beer and barbecue-soaked Fourth of July. That might explain why we asked Julia Herz, publisher of CraftBeer.com and co-author of Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from the Pairing Pros, to share her thoughts on pairing a craft brew with a menu of business titans.

Drink in her picks and try one yourself!

“Boston’s Sam Adams Utopias. This limited release, blended beer is unlike any other beer or port or Cognac or Sherry you’ve ever had. Some of the blend is beer that is aged up to 22 years. The 2015 version clocked in at 28 percent ABV — still tame compared to many distilled spirits. This big beauty of a beer is a sipper only worth sharing with those who invest in their life experiences and continues to get better with age, just like you, Mr. Buffett.”

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“What better beer for the Shark Tank star than Shark Attack from Port Brewing Company? This double red ale balances a generous dosing of Centennial and Cascade hops with its pleasing pale and crystal malts. Although Port Brewing doesn’t currently distribute in John’s home state of New York, a trip to Port’s brewery in San Marcos, Calif., would be rather easy to accomplish on a private jet.”

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“I’ll keep it local for Dorsey, a St. Louis Native. Perennial Artisan Ales’ Sump Imperial Stout is a beer oh-so-worth tweeting about. One of St. Louis’s most talked about craft breweries, Perennial tapped neighboring Sump Coffee to create this deliciously dark stout. Bonus: you can drink it for breakfast as you log on to check that Twitter feed.”

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“Consider the Eugene, Ore.,’s Ninkasi Ground Control, of course. This imperial stout is a beer made for forward-thinking visionaries and for those who have their minds in the stars and whose palates are into advanced malt flavors. It’s made with Oregon hazelnuts, star anise and cocoa nibs, and was fermented with an ale yeast that survived a trip to space and back.”

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“Denver, Colo., Fiction Beer Company’s The Dreamer, American IPA featuring Falconers Flight hops deriving inspiration from both coasts east and west. According to the brewery, ‘Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s The Fairies’ Siege.’ The poem ends with the line, ‘Tis the Dreamer whose dreams come true!’ Originally brewed as a hop-forward ale to survive the transoceanic journey from England to India, The Dreamer rewards those with an adventurous spirit and curious palate like the risk-takers who first exported the style.”

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“Here’s to hoping Mark enjoys his beer from more than just a red plastic cup. It’s no secret that Zuckerberg is a Star Wars fan. He posted this picture of his daughter dressed up as a Jedi, so I’ll bet he’d enjoy the Last Je.D.I.P.A. from Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company out of Fresno, Calif. This double India Pale Ale is brewed with Vermont ale yeast and hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Equinox.”

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“OK, maybe this one is too obvious, but Alexa, order Jeff the Double IPA from New York’s Oyster Bay Brewing Company. Described as ‘big, juicy hop bomb,’ this 8.6 percent ABV brew is not for the faint of heart. Something tells me Bezos can handle it.”

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“If you’re looking for a craft beer analog for Sandberg, look no farther that New Belgium’s co-founder Kim Jordan. Both great women show that neither technology nor craft beer is merely for the boys. La Folie, New Belgium’s wood-aged sour brown ale, is ‘not a beer for the timid,’ but will reward those who take the risk. Lean in and drink up.”

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“For Travis, who recently resigned as CEO of Uber, I’d recommend New Beginning, a light, Kolsch Style Ale. Brewed by Virginia’s Midnight Brewery, this easy drinker balances Pilsner malt and noble hops to make for a perfect summer sipper. It’s exactly the sort of brew you could enjoy while pondering your next chapter.”

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