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It’s no secret that accessories are having their time in the spotlight. From hair clips to minimalist necklaces, if you’re in need of a breather from the usual rhinestone-embellished snap clip and thin chain, Fina Manila is the brand for you. Started by friends Rachel Felicia, Anna Cristobal, and Angela Palanca, their designs feature mostly acrylic resin earrings (and two hair clips) that lineup with the brand’s aesthetic—refined and sophisticated pieces that can withstand the test of time. Plus, pieces are made in limited quantities, so you won’t run the risk of bumping into someone with the exact same piece.



We talked to Rachel Felicia, the owner of Fina Manila, and asked her about her inspiration for the brand, her aesthetic, and much more:


Atla earrings, P890, FINA MANILA,

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Fina Manila

Could you tell us something about the brand?

“Through each partners, different career paths, and experience, each brings a unique skill and talent to the brand.



“We [the Fina team] are united with shared values and mutual respect for one another. We also really love dressing up with statement earrings!”



How did you start House of Fina? 

“Fina was born in a trip we took. It wasn’t really intentional, rather it was somthing we chanced upon but when the idea and inspiration came, we went ahead full force.”



What is the concept behind it and where did the name come from?

“The name is so important because it defines our brand. Fina literally means fine, of quality, well-made, excellent, and refined. This is exactly how we envision our Fina customers.”



Bedrock and Leo hair clips, both P290, FINA MANILA,

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Fina Manila

What is the overall aesthetic of House of Fina?

“Modern designs with a classic and timeless style. Our aesthetic isn’t screaming because our products are not meant to seek attention but to compliment what’s already beautiful.”



Is there a signature design or key element evident through your accessories?

“We celebrate individuality, refinement, and femininity. Each product from our collection is picked to make everyone that wears them feel beautiful, empowered, and confident wherever they are. And what ties each designs together is the fact that everything is wearable, versatile, and stylish.”



Phoenix earrings, P790, FINA MANILA,

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Fina Manila

What kind of materials do you use for your accessories? Is there any reason why?

“Our first collection is made of acrylic resin and then our next one we have something totally different, natural materials. We like to draw inspiration from nature and everyday life.”



What sort of woman do you have in mind when you come out with a collection for House of Fina?

“She is modern, confident, bold, stylish, and strong.”



How can we purchase accessories from House of Fina?

“You can purchase from our website or you can also direct your orders to our Instagram account.” 





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