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Have you always wanted to be a food entrepreneur, but can’t afford to own a full-service restaurant just yet? Don’t let high investment costs deter your dreams of owning a successful food business. Here are our top recommendations for affordable food franchises well below the Php500,000 investment range. 






Turnkey package: Php280,000 – Php350,000


Tired of soft drinks and other sugary beverages? Citrus Zone lets you enjoy fresh fruits on the go with its array of freshly-squeezed juices and lemonades at affordable prices. Citrus Zone runs against the continued popularity of unhealthy, sugary drinks in the market by providing a healthier alternative through its freshly-pressed juices and lemonades.


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Turnkey package starts at Php499,000.


Enjoying frappuccinos need not cost you an arm and a limb. At Farron Café, you can enjoy frappuccinos and other coffee-based beverages every day at a fraction of the cost. College sweethearts Farwa and Ronnel Hombre, founders of Farron Café, both love coffee-based beverages and believe that good coffee should be enjoyed by Filipinos regardless of their social status. Thus, the couple set out to start a coffee beverage business that offers the most affordable and satisfying frappuccinos in the metro. 


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Turnkey package: Php299,000


Further building on cold beverages, the founders of Farron Café has now expanded to milk tea territory with Cha Thai. A specialty Thai milk tea store, Cha Thai’s drinks boast of the finest quality tea that is masterfully steeped and prepared for an authentic and delightful taste. As a franchise business, Cha Thai can be set up in schools, malls and other commercial establishments that cater to a younger crowd.   





Turnkey package: Php370,000 – Php445,000


Barefruit takes the concept of fresh juices and cold beverages a notch higher by showcasing exotic fruits that are abundant in Mindanao. Boasting of an all-natural, all-fruit cold drinks menu free from sugar additives and preservatives, Barefruit uses organically grown exotic fruits such as durian, langka and guyabano sourced from their partner local farmers.



Turnkey package starts at Php189,000.


True to its name, Island Tea boasts of a wide variety of premium Pure Ceylon teas and exclusive blends—from fruit-infused teas, specialty black teas, green teas, milk teas, tea mocktails, to tea shakes and smoothies, just to name a few. Get a taste of affordable luxury as you pair your choice cup of tea with Island Tea’s range of freshly baked breads and pastries.



Food carts



Turnkey package: Php380,000 – Php445,000


As one of the proponents of the current “shawarma craze” in the country, JM Shawarma gives Middle Eastern grub a Filipino twist. JM Shawarma’s sweet and spicy beef proved to be a hit with the Filipino palate, especially when served alongside their signature garlic sauce and cream cheese. Thanks to JM Shawarma, Filipinos can now enjoy shawarma in all forms—from all-meat shawarma wraps, to shawarma noodles, and shawarma rice.     





Turnkey package: Php306,000 – Php366,000


One of the world’s most iconic donut shops, Mister Donut has been serving warm and delectable donuts and coffee since 1955. Making its way to the Philippines in 1982, Mister Donut has since become a well-loved donut shop staple thanks to its strong tie-ups with convenience stores, gasoline stations and cinemas.    




Turnkey package: Php372,000 – Php455,000


Premium-quality French fries at an affordable price? With Couch Potato, it’s possible and within reach for Filipinos. Boasting of 10 unique flavors, Couch Potato is also the first French fries franchise to offer a Php1 refill for large servings so customers can try out any flavor they want at no additional cost. Couch Potato also boasts of freshly cooked French fries that remain crispy for hours.





Turnkey package: Php250,000 – Php350,000


The original “snack-and-drink in one cup” concept since 2009, Kerrimo really lives up to its name, which roughly translates to “You can carry it.” Kerrimo leveled up the on-the-go food concept by designing a signature cup, with a built-in separator for the fried snack and the cold beverage of your choice.




Turnkey package starts at Php400,000.


Pizza Pedrico’s has become a beloved pizza brand thanks to its four-pizzas-in-a-box concept, which makes it perfect for sharing with family and friends. Thanks to its counter-top business model and strong tie-ups with convenience stores and gasoline stations, Pizza Pedrico’s is currently the largest pizza franchise in the country, with a combined network of 1,000 branches and counter-tops nationwide. 


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Invest in affordable food businesses that are always hot and in demand! To know more about these food franchises, you may visit the U-Franchise Sales & Management website at 






Sam Christopher Lim is the Chief Marketing Officer of Francorp Philippines; President of U-Franchise Sales & Management; and Chairperson and Director for Special Projects, ASEAN Integration of the Philippine Franchise Association.

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